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Our rooms for your baby

It is a great idea to choose a set in which the furniture will complement each other .  

  • You will find rooms for your baby at a price range that combines quality, style, ecology and safety .

  • Sober and clearly drawn lines , the designs of our baby rooms are varied, modern and original .

  • Baby rooms  which consist at least of a convertible bed and a chest of drawers.

By ordering the set of furniture for your baby's room at Babies Nests you are guaranteed to benefit from the best prices.



  • It is best to start preparing your baby's room 2 months before birth . Remember to choose natural, non-toxic paints to paint the walls.

  • So that your baby does not get too hot, the ideal temperature in the room is between 18 ° and 21 ° degrees.

  • Remember to humidify the air in the room. The ideal humidity level is between 45% and 55% and should be monitored to ensure a healthy environment in the baby's room. Too dry air can cause sleep disturbances.

  • Pay attention to the TOG value of your baby's clothes and quilts depending on the season.

It is important to buy baby furniture in the same place because the selected furniture in the same store fits together perfectly.

Depending on the room that will serve as a room for your baby, small, medium or large, choose from the storage modules that adapt to it and your needs.

The designs of our baby rooms are varied, modern and original .

At Babies Nests you have the guarantee that they come from a proven and experienced manufacturer.

* Mattresses and bed sets are sold separately.

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